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Brazing/Silver brazing alloys cadmium free

Category:Brazing/Silver brazing alloys cadmium free

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  • Product description
Product description

The following are general purpose brazing alloys, suitable to join easily a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous base materials (iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc.).
Continuous service operating temperatures of joints brazed with these alloys range up to approx 200 °C.
When joining stainless steel in wet environments, in order to avoid failure of the joint due to interfacial corrosion, it is recommended to use zinc-free alloys (Ag60Sn/1), or alloys with Nickel additions.
Available in many different presentation forms (rods, flux-coated rods, wires, strips, rings, preforms, pastes and powders), these alloys are very free flowing, ductile and strong.
All these alloys do not contain Cadmium, do not present the Health & Safety concerns associated with Cadmium-Bearing Alloys and are compliant with the RoHS regulation.
They are divided in two categories: alloys with Tin and alloys without Tin; Tin being used to lower the melting temperature of the alloy.
When brazing in an oxidizing environment (that is: in air), the use of a proper flux is required.