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Copper and copper alloy welding wire

Category:Copper and copper alloy welding wire

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  • Product description
Product description

General Purpose Brass
Brass with addition of Nickel
High temperature Copper Alloys for special applications
Copper for furnace brazing
All these alloys are economical to use and can be generally supplied in a variety of forms (rods, wires, strips, preforms, powder and pastes). General purpose brasses can be used for brazing and for the Oxy-Fuel Gas Braze-Welding process, with liquid flux spread through the torch flame.


Product information:  MIG: 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.6mm 12.5kg/15kg spool 

                               TIG: 1.6mm 2.0mm 2.4mm 3.0mm 3.2mm 4.0mm 5.0mm 5kg polybag 10kg polybag

                               Ring Available