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What kind of flux is used for brazing automobile pipes?

Many manufacturers of automotive parts produce pipelines, which are brazed with aluminium pipes and joints. Small manufacturers will braze with artificial flame, and large manufacturers will braze with automatic flame.

Because it is an automobile part, there are higher requirements for strength, smoothness, no residual and no corrosion on the surface of brazed pipe joints, so there are strict requirements for the flux used in brazing process.

Traditional aluminium brazing flux is TF-100, which is powdery in appearance. It needs 30% water to mix and use before use. White smoke with irritating odor will emerge during brazing process. The fluidity is poor when adding brazing flux. Because of the strong corrosiveness of TF-100 itself, long-term use will make the worktable and fixture black and rusty, not to mention stainless steel. Damage to human beings?